Snake Shed in my house

One of the many questions that we get every year is “why is there a snake shed in my house?”

The answer to this question is often not what the homeowner wants to hear and quite frankly one that is very simple to answer and does not take a at home visit for us to answer!

The answer is: You have a growing snake in your home, snakes shed when they grow.

In order for a snake to grow, it must have a viable food source, this could include but is not limited to: mice, ants, grasshoppers, crickets and many other household pest that occur in EVERY house in the United States!

Lets start by accessing the possibility of what type of snake that could be leaving a shed in my house.

I will list in no particular order the type of snakes that we typically find in homes around the country, this includes areas from south Florida to New jersey and from Virginia to California.

I will also provide a link to each snake that will give you more information about each snake.

The photo that is situated to the left of this text is a black rat snake that has started the shedding process, this is often referred to as molting.

Every type of snake does this and will leave behind a shed, the more sheds you find, the more likely a snake in the house.

if you find several snake sheds, you should measure them to determine if they all could have possibly came from the same snake or do you have multiple snakes in your home.



Types of Snake Sheds we see in homes

Most of the snake sheds that we find around homes and buildings are from 3 very common snakes that are found in residential areas, they are as follows.

Copperhead Snake: the copperhead snake is a venomous snake that can be found from the upper reaches of New Jersey all the way down to the southern tip of South Florida, this is one of the most common venomous snakes that we find in an around people’s homes and often sheds its skin depending on how much food is readily available around the house.  Typically, the sheds will be between 18 inches an 4 feet long.   You can find more information on the copperhead snake here.


Black Rat Snake: a black rat snake is often the largest snake shed that we find in and around people’s homes, often measuring in length from two to six feet.  These snakes have a range from as far North as New York all the way down to Central Florida, but one thing to note as the range goes further to the South, the snake tends to lighten up in color, often being a Sandy tan color instead of black.

Remember black draws heat and in extreme areas such as Florida a rat snake could possibly overheat if it did not stay in dark places such as crawl spaces or attics. you can find more information on the black rat snake here.



Garter Snake: The Garter snake is a garden variety snake that is found in many homes and building throughout the mid-Atlantic area , we get hundreds of phone calls every year for this type of snake.

This type of snake is often found around homes that have a severe infestation of ants and crickets.


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