Many people require snake control services throughout most of the USA. You want to have a professional remove them from your home and property. Snakes are reptiles and belong to the same group of animals as lizards, turtles and crocodiles. Reptiles have dry scales that shed periodically. Unlike mammals and birds, reptiles cannot generate body heat and depend on outside sources to raise their body temperature. This trait makes them wait out long periods of extensive cold and hot conditions, a habit that contributes to their secretive nature. Snake seldom are inactive for more than a month a at a time.

Worldwide there are over 2,700 snake species scattered throughout every continent except Antarctica. Snake Control is necessary from coastal marshes, deserts, agricultural fields, and abandoned buildings, to forests and mountain ridge tops. Within these habitats, snakes play important roles as both predator and prey. All snakes eat other animals, and none feed on plants.

Expert snake removal

Snakes and Biology

Snakes are able to swallow prey whole because their jaws are loosely attached together. Major prey includes insects, fish, amphibians, other reptiles, birds and their eggs, and rodents. Some snakes have very specialized diets of only one or two prey types. Certain mammals, birds, and humans are significant predators of snakes.

Snake control can be the most difficult situation for all concerned, especially for the snake. They are usually in your house to find food such as mice and rats. Eliminating the food source will likely rid you of your snake problem. Almost all snakes that enter homes are non-venomous species. A snake can enter any opening that a mouse can squeeze through. Sealing all crevices and spaces where pipes and electrical wires enter the dwelling will help prevent snakes from making your house theirs. This can be a very time consuming task and sometimes requires a professional to inspect the property to assure you do not “seal” the snake inside your Atlanta home.

Remember, they help us reduce the rodent population. However, some snakes pose a big problem to homeowners, businesses and wildlife professionals. Most snakes are very sly and seek inaccessible places that are hard to see. Many people have snakes in there homes and never realize it. One thing that most of our calls have in common is a bug or a rodent problem . One key thing to do is to find out what he’s doing there and what he’s eating. Those are the key factors in helping a professional determine a program to eliminate your snake problem. Very rarely will removing a snake from the home completely solve your problem.

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